Home Care Services

We strive to provide quality service to you always. We understand how important it is for you to maintain your usual way of living. We want you to maintain a healthy and well balanced life, so we provide home care services that are centered around your specific needs.

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Home Services

A certified care caregiver will be available to you for cooking, light house cleaning, laundry, ironing, and other home care assistance you may need. The process of aging is a lot easier when seniors have someone there to take some stress of their shoulders. When they don't have to worry about having to bend over, or go up and down stairs to cook, clean, or perform other house hold duties their fear of falling is drastically reduced.

Transportation Services

One fear that seniors face everyday is loosing their means of transportation. They then are left feeling trapped, and feel that they have lost their freedom to go and come as they please. With Errands With Synthia, you'll never have to worried about that. We will be there to transport you to and from your doctor's appointments, personal appointments, or any events that you need or want to attend. No one wants to live life feeling trapped. 

Care Companion

Like any human being, companionship is  a must for seniors. Study shows that people that socialize on a regular basis live longer and healthier lives. Because our seniors mean the world to us, it's very important for them to have a care companion with them that will keep them out of the cage of loneliness and keep their spirits uplifted. We have caregivers to watch over you or your loved ones. So whether you or they are in a nursing home, an assisted living community, or at home, or just came out of the hospital, someone will always be available to provide companionship and care to you.  

Transfer assistance

As the aging process begin, seniors develop the fear of falling. Study show that seniors that have caregivers with them on a daily basis are less likely to fall than those that done.  One of the biggest fears for senior is falling and not having someone there to help. They fear having to lay on the floors for hours not knowing when help will come or if it's coming. To prevent these kinds of unfortunate events from happening, it's very important for our seniors to have a caregiver with them. So, If you or a family member need help transferring to the bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere else know that our certified care giver will be there to assist you. We understand how scary and hard it can be trying to get back to a normal routine, so you'll never have to do it alone.

Medication Reminder

As our seniors age, their memory begin to fade more and more each day. Some may experience long-term memory lost, and others short term memory lost. Unfortunately due to the memory lost seniors aren't always able to take their medications on time. Because we want our clients to be the healthiest they can be, we understand how important it is for their medications to be taken on time. The healthier and happier our clients are, the better they are , so let us be there to help.

We Serve

  • Dementia patients
  • Alzheimer patients
  • Parkinson patients
  • Rehabilitation patients
  • Customers with disabilities
  • Anyone in need of our services